Rosemont: serenity in
an urban environment.

A vibrant neighborhood of history and contemporary effervescence welcomes you.  This is the place where each day you will appreciate having set your heart on.

Among the proposed units, from a charming 1 bedroom to a spacious 3 bedrooms, some of them even have an office for the self-employed; we didn’t overlook any details to meet the variety of needs.  An extensive outdoor parking is adjacent to the housing units.

What's more enjoyable than services
nearby: public transportation easily
accessible through the Saint-Michel
metro station, parks, schools, shopping
mall, clinics and more.

Like all our projects, we take great care of the interior finish and all our units offer high quality soundproofing.  For the exterior, we have been careful to preserve the traditional assets of the building while preserving the warmth of the conventional materials by merging both as far as modernity allows.  This combination of old and modern thus respects an essential value in regards to the ecological imprint while providing an architectural aspect that fits to perfection the Rosemont’s landscape.